How would you use a self-storage unit?

You’ve probably driven past a self-storage facility at some point in a town or seen one from the motorway. We are a growing industry, with an estimated 2,231 different sites across the UK. As you passed by, did you ever wonder what people are using self-storage units for?

We’re used to seeing different types of storage unit on TV, especially American drama, filled with mysterious boxes or hidden priceless antiques. It’s not surprising units feature regularly in popular culture, as in the US there are nearly 53,000 facilities and it’s a common option for families who are downsizing or need extra space in their home. In Idaho, the state with the highest usage, 59% of the population use self-storage. 

Here in the UK, we’re not quite up to those statistics yet. But we are seeing the value in having that little bit more space in both our homes and our businesses. So, what do we use self-storage for?

Self-storage for homeowners

We offer flexible contracts with our self-storage units. You can arrange one for a short term – a week or more perhaps – or long term. That gives you complete control of your usage and your budget. So, why could a self-storage unit help your household?

• Selling your house? We find plenty of homeowners use a storage unit throughout the homebuying process. Firstly, it’s a great place to store all your extra belongings and personal items while you’restaging your house for sale. This makes your property more appealing to buyers.

• Moving home? When you’re moving house you have a lot of things to organise and plan, and one of those is how to transport all the possessions your family have accrued over the years. But, if you don’t need the old toys from the attic, the spare bed and extra clothes for a while until you’re into your new home, storing it out of the way gives you time to settle in and unpack at your leisure. And if you’re in a chain, storing everything and moving into a rental for a short time can speed up the entire purchase making you a more desirable buyer. 

• Refurbishment? When you’re decorating or doing renovations on your home, you need to protect your furniture from paint, dust and damage. A short-term storage keeps everything safely out of your way until you’re done.

• Apartment life? When you live in a town, you’re less likely to have a large garden or a lot of spare space. In an apartment you are likely even more limited, without a garage or attic. Keeping your own long-term storage unit gives you that extra cupboard when you need it.  Our units vary in size, from the equivalent of a garden shed upwards. So, you can use it the same way you would a handy garage, as a space to keep the seasonal décor like your Christmas tree, your bikes, paddle boards and garden tools. And if you’re in the middle of growing your family, it’s a dry, clean and secure place to keep children’s clothes, prams and toys until the next addition arrives to use them.

Self-storage for business owners

There’s one thing that all business owners know, and that’s running a business can be expensive. If you have a premises in town, you probably know just how much you pay per square foot in rent or rates. If you work from home, your family life and business life can merge together. Here’s how a self-storage unit can help you. 

• Save on every square foot. Your self-storage contract is one cost per month. There are no extras for council tax or utilities. You know exactly how much you need to pay without worry.

• Make more use of your space. When you are paying more for your town centre office, you want to maximise on your space. If you have rooms filled with filing or spare desks, by putting them in storage out of sight but available when needed, you have more room in your office for a customer friendly meeting room or to spread out your team. 

• Clear out your home. If you work from home, the last thing you want is to fill your spare room and corridors with stock or have to put away your craft area every night for the family dinner. A storage unit can be set up as a stock room, or even as your own studio. Or how about adding a few backgrounds and some lighting, and you have your very own photography studio.

• Keep your business safe and secure. One of the main worries for many small business owners is the loss of tools or equipment which your business relies on to function. Keeping them in a van or garden shed is a risk, whereas our Boxable self-storage units are completely secure. And being indoors, everything is protected from the weather and rodents.

Adding more space to your life

Not quite convinced that self-storage is the way to add more space in your life? Then why not come and have a look around. We would love to show you our new facility, and the different sizes available. We can explain the options and enjoy a natter about bringing a new business to Watford over a lovely cuppa. Just give us a call to get booked in on 07597 589985.