Bringing Boxable Self Storage to Watford

You’ve probably heard the saying that good things come in small packages. That’s a description that definitely suits Watford, a thriving town which packs a lot of reputation into its eight miles square of wrapping. 

Just north of London, Watford is part of the beautiful green county of Hertfordshire, known for its stunning countryside, stately homes and historic settlements. It’s position makes it equally ideal for trips to the Chilterns Hills or jumping on a train into the capital. And, being right next to the main motorway to the north, the M1, Watford is the perfect place for businesses who want access across the country. 

Size matters in Watford

Of course, the reputation of Watford is much larger than its town centre.  We’ve got fantastic shopping facilities, award winning parks and some unmissable festivals, not to mention Watford FC and the Warner Bros Studios nearby. We think Watford is the place to be – and that’s why we’re so excited to be opening Boxable Self Storage right here. We know all about how to pack plenty into a small space!

Besides opening our self storage facility right here in the Eclipse Industrial Centre, and getting to know the local businesses we can help launch and expand, what else are we particularly excited about?

Parks and spaces to spread out in Watford

We love space, it’s in our nature – and so we love natural spaces. Watford has an abundance of parks, many of which hold Green Flag awards. The most popular is Cassiobury Park, 250 acres of woodland and wildflower meadows. It’s ideal for family fun, with cafes, paddling pools and a miniature railway, or for exploring the cycle paths and nature trails.

One of the most important things about space is how to use it effectively. That’s why one of our favourite spots has to be Oxhey Activity Park. This amazing project turned some former sports pitches into an exciting adventure spot for skateboarding, BMX zones and play areas. It not only opens the area up to more users, it creates a zone that appeals to all age groups and abilities.

If you prefer your activity to be a little more relaxing, then try Cheslyn House and gardens. This tranquil landscaped garden features exotic plants collected from around the world. It’s a miniature oasis and a wonderful example of thinking outside the box for ways to make use of the room you have.

A thriving centre to work and live

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, but the best way for them to grow succeed is by working together. Watford has a fabulous business scene, from the retail options in the town centre to the industrial and business parks on the outskirts. 

This is no doubt in large part due to location. Just 17 miles from London, with easy access to the south by the M25 and linked directly to the north by the M1, Watford is at the centre of a web for the whole country. Being outside of the capital keeps the rents lower, which is ideal for commuters and businesses alike. 

It’s not surprising that research shows Watford to be one of the best places for businesses outside of London, especially entrepreneurs. And that is one area we know all about. As a new business ourselves, we know that one thing many small businesses and startups need is secure space – as a place to keep your equipment, store your stock or even run your own online shop. So, we can’t wait to get to know our local business network and find out how we can all work together to maintain Watford’s nationwide reputation as the place to be. 

A touch of magic in the air 

We’re excited to be opening Boxable Self Storage. We love all the open space, and innovative ways it’s used here in Watford. We can’t wait to meet the varied businesses that call Watford home. And we’re looking forward to supporting homeowners who need a little more space in their houses. But we do have to admit, there’s just one more magical place we just can’t wait to visit. Hogwarts, here we come. 

If you’re looking for some innovative space, advice on how to make the best use of it and a place to grow your business, please get in touch. We can’t wait to talk through the options with you.